Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Your first month...

Eye Color: Grey
Hair: Dark Brown
Weight: 9 lbs, 9 oz
Length: 21.5 inches
Head Circumference: 36 cm
Nicknames: Baby Boy, Bobo, Trav, Alien, Boby Wan
Fun Things You Do:
- Hum in your sleep
- Poop the moment you have a new diaper on
- Sleep with your arms above your head or hands on your face just like your daddy
- Sleep with your mouth open
Temperament: Overall, you are a very calm baby.  You don't cry much and there are only a few hours of the day when you want to be fussy (unfortunately, those hours are usually between 4-9AM).
- You have laughed (though involuntarily and mostly in your sleep, but t it is truly the sweetest noise ever)
- You can follow my voice
- You have grabbed at the toys on your play yard
- You can fit into some of your 0-3 month clothing
- You've grabbed your bottle and brought it to your mouth
- You can hold your head up for a pretty long time
Your favorite things: Besides mommy's milk which you absolutely love, you like sleeping on the chaise portion of our couch (supervised at all times, of course).   You also like mommy's singing -- especially slow jams from the 90's (e.x. *Nsync and Boyz II Men)
Your least favorite things: I don't think you like being burped very much.  Though you don't cry, you arch your back to prevent us from putting pressure on your tummy so we can let a burp out.  You LOVED being swaddled the first two weeks, but now you hate it and kick out of it as soon as you're wrapped up.


Has it really already been 30 days?! It feels like just yesterday you were kicking around in my belly waking me up at 4AM... now you still wake me up at 4, but with your sweet cries instead of your pointy elbow.

We are still getting to know each other, but my, how I am so in love with you. I love the way the hair near the back of your head sticks up no matter how much we gently try to comb it down, your tiny (but super long) toes, the sound of your voice as you hum yourself to sleep... I am in awe of everything about you.
You look so much like your daddy.  You have his cheeks, nose, lips, hairline, and make many of the same facial expressions.  I can't wait to see what other mannerisms you've inherited from him.
Each day is a new learning experience and I truly can't wait to see what's in store for us.