Friday, February 4, 2011

Almost A Maternity Shoot...

(Originally posted 1/26/11)

Like many other mamas out there, I plan on doing a maternity photoshoot later on in my pregnancy -- probably at around 7 months. Right now, even though my baby bump is very visible, it still can be mistaken for just your average big belly... so it's still a bit early to sign up with my maternity photographer...

HOWEVER -- when my friend/coworker, who is also an awesome photographer, told me about a Valentine's Day photoshoot special she was having, I jumped at the opportunity! She specializes in boudoir photography, but was willing to take me on as a subject even though I'm obviously not in boudoir-shape!

I had such an amazing time during the photoshoot! Desiree made me feel super relaxed and confident about my preggo body. We decided that we wouldn't try to hide it, but we wouldn't be emphasizing my belly bump either.

I definitely would do it again... and would recommend others to do it, too! I left the shoot feeling really good about myself -- and with all the pressure that Hollywood and the media give us about how we should look, all women should feel empowered with their bodies!

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