Friday, February 4, 2011

First Trimester Experience...

(Originally posted on 12/16/10)

As I am nearing the end of my first trimester and entering the supposed "best trimester" where all the horrible symptoms I experienced the first 12 weeks should stop, I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of all the things I went through.

I have this weird thing where I "un-remember" or delete any bad memories from my brain, and I have trouble recalling negative experiences in my life.

I don't want to forget anything about this experience though. The good and the ugly... I want to remember it all... and have it documented so that in 2 years when my baby can read (hahaha - yes - I have ambitious goals for my dear child. It WILL be doing calculus by age 5 -- jk), he/she can read about I went through and won't complain when I tell him/her to do the dishes :)


"On the first 12 weeks of pregnancy my baby gave to me..."

Week 3 - Positive HPT! Had to take 3 of them just to be sure...

Week 4 - Scary first pre-natal appointment! Doctor couldn't see baby in the ultrasound! Had to have multiple bloodwork done, but it was later confirmed that there was a healthy baby in my belly.

- Felt quick moments of tightening in lower abdomen, sort of like cramps, but definitely different. This was supposedly the fertilized egg implanting itself into my uterus lining.

Week 5 - First (and definitely not the last) of my morning sickness! Not able to keep anything down for the next 7 weeks. Only eating for necessity.

Week 6 - Not very many smell aversions.. only the smell of Matthew's deodorant and the stinky garage because of H&M cause me to run to the bathroom.

-Saw the baby for the first time in an ultrasound! Many tears of joy were shed in that hospital room

Week 7 - Bloating!!! Woah, I thought I was showing already and was really sad that I looked 9 months preggo at 7 weeks. Bloating would come and go this week. Jeans were definitely not zipping up - had to resort to wearing jeggings and dresses only.

Week 8 - First of the acne breakouts.. yuck! Pimples along the left side of my face (my good side, too! hmpf!). Oh, I also got a nice big one on the tip of my nose -- lovely! Thank goodness for concealer, right?

- Super tired all. the. time! Midday naps during lunch/breaks are the only thing keeping me functional.

Week 9 - Morning sickness was at the all time worse! Throwing up even when I did not eat anything. Dry heaving gave me a major ab workout! Cannot wait until this part is over.

Week 10 - Two days of non-stop headaches. Luckily, they were mild and did not bother me much, so I did not need to take anything to dull the pain. Some women experience headaches the whole first trimester, so I guess I was lucky that mine only lasted for 2 days.

- Told parents and immediate family about pregnancy! Happy times :) Waited a few more weeks to announce to the rest of the world...

Week 11 - Got a cold -- boooo! Did not take any meds, but was very worried about baby's health. I monitored my temperature every night to make sure it did not go over 100 degrees. Worst week so far of the pregnancy since I was scared everyday that something bad was going to happen to the baby.

- However, later that week I was pretty sure I heard baby fluttering around in my belly using the fetal doppler my friend Faren let me borrow. Listened to the baby for an hour, tumbling around and moving each time I sneezed! Felt better that the baby was OK, even though I did not hear the heartbeat just yet.

Week 12 - Heard the baby's heartbeat (164 bpm) and got to see it move for the first time! It was kicking and moving its arms. It was the best feeling in the world finally being able to see my little baby on the monitor. I can't believe I can love something sooo much!!! Preliminary NT Screening results turned out well.

- Baby bump arrived! Though a little on the earlier side, my belly definitely has a new shape to it.

- Thought morning sickness was getting better, but still running to the bathroom (just not as much as before).

- Had crazy dreams!!! One where Matthew was the one giving labor, another where my baby was only 3 inches long after it was born, and another where my boobs turned into solid rocks!


There are still a few days left in my first trimester, and I am starting to feel more comfortable with my body and all the changes it is undergoing.

Only one-third of the way there...

Thanks for joining me in this journey!!!