Friday, February 4, 2011

It's Been A While...

It's been hella months since I last posted anything here... so I have lots of catching up to do. For a moment there, I started using a different blogging platform, but it was a little limiting and I missed blogger, thus my return! Anyhoo, I'll be posting some old stuff here to catch you all up!


(Originally written on October 15, 2010)

So It Begins....

On October 10th, I took a HPT (home pregnancy test) after realizing I was a few days "late", and saw a verrrrrry, super faint second pink line if I looked at the stick at just the right angle. Hubs thought I was being delusional and that I was trying to make something out of nothing...

My birthday was on the 11th, and we decided to take another test just to confirm. I usually take the tests in the morning when I first wake up. In the previous months when the results were negative, I would crawl back into bed with Matthew and be sad for a few minutes before getting back up to get ready for work. On those days, work would be really rough. I couldn't focus on anything other than reading articles about other women TTC (trying to conceive), and hoping that even though the HPT was a BFN (big fat negative), that there was still hope I still had a baby in me.

Needless to say, taking the HPT the morning of my birthday would either result in a really GOOD day... or one of the the worst birthdays of my life.

I peed on the stick and hopped in the shower so that I wouldn't go crazy staring at the test, waiting for the results to appear. When I finished, I dried off and peeked at the test, hoping for the best but at the same time had a sneaking suspicion that the result would be the one we were looking for.

The second pink line was just a little darker than the day before, but enough to know that the test was positive.

We're pregnant

It was the best birthday present I have ever received (though the homemade video Matthew made for my 18th birthday is a very close second).

We have our little orange seed (according to Baby Center, that's currently how big our baby is) now and it feels amazing.

Sometimes, I feel tightening in my lower abdomen and my body definitely does not feel like it normally does. It's kind of weird... but at the same time really exciting that a woman's body - MY body - is capable of doing such extraordinary things, like grow a tiny human!

We have our FIRST prenatal appointment with our doctor next week and already, I have tons of questions to ask.

My goal is to be more conscious of my food intake now that I am accountable for another human being's life. Meaning... I will avoid all the foods a preggo isn't supposed to eat (i.e. soft cheeses, caffeine, etc) plus just being better with my food choices. I pretty much let myself go after our wedding and stopped caring about myself and my body. For the first time in a long time, I am ready to make a change.
It's weird -- everyone knows I'm messy and it never really bothered me much before even though my traditional mom would always get on my case about women always needing to keep a clean house... but now when I look around at the semi-mess that is our bedroom and family room, I think to myself, "there's no way I'm going to let my baby live in this mess". OMG - am I nesting already? Who is this person? Ha.
I know it's still pretty early, but so far, I love being a mom.