Friday, February 4, 2011

Preggo Dreams...

They say with all the extra hormones floating around in your body during pregnancy, you tend to have weird dreams.

Boy, are they right!

Though I'm sure the boost in hormones has a lot to do with the vivid dreams I've been having lately, another cause of all the strangeness is probably all the excitement and fear that us mamas feel about the changes that will soon come with having a baby to look after. On the months leading up to my wedding, I also woke up to some crazy dreams (i.e. Mathew and I got married at Brad Pitt's mansion but I left right after the ceremony because my mom and I wanted to go to a huge Macy's sale), so stress and anticipation are definitely other contributing factors.

Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to jot down all the weird pregnancy related dreams I've had and will probably have in the next few months... So I'll be updating this entry more frequently the closer we get to Baby's arrival:

- Matthew gives birth: For some reason, Matthew was the pregnant one and he went into labor. There were no doctors around, so I helped deliver the baby. When the baby came out, it was Matthew youngest sister, Miranda (as a baby, of course)!

- Baby is 3-inches long: Our baby was born and I love it so much (not sure of the baby's sex)! There's a party at our house, so I was showing our baby around to everyone, but it was only 3-inches long. It was probably only 3-inches long in my dream because at that point of my pregnancy it was only 3-inches long in my belly. Because it was so tiny, I could put the baby in my pocket instead of having to carry it around. However, at one point, I got distracted and forgot that I put the baby in a box in the closet (no idea why I did that) so I ran over to make sure it was all right. The baby was safe, but when I woke up, I was terrified! I am such a forgetful person, my biggest fear is forgetting about my baby....

- I'm a Baby Whisperer: Matthew and I had two toddlers -- a 3 year old girl, and an 18-month boy. The girl ran to Matthew while I picked up the boy who was very in love me. He was blonde with blue eyes and I was holding him while I was with family. I was somehow really good with the baby -- I knew how to carry him, how to comfort him, and he cried when he was with anyone else. In real life, I don't think I'm really great with kids. I didn't grow up with many of them around, and I don't think I've ever really properly held one, so it was really strange seeing me do so well with that little boy!

- Showering in a Public Location: I'm not sure why, but for some reason, in this dream I had to shower in the middle of a Costco, while there were other patrons who obviously could see me... naked and pregnant. But for some reason, I didn't mind and was actually very proud of my body. People weren't grossed out by me either and some just stood and watched. This dream was very strange to me because I have soooo many body insecurities that there would be no way in the world I would ever be comfortable being naked in front of all those people!

(To be continued as more strange dreams happen...)