Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Foto: All You've Got To Do Is Dream

Last night, I saw Dreamgirls at the Curran Theater last night with two of my besties:

A few weeks ago, we only talked about maybe going to catch a show, and knowing us, I thought we'd never find the time.  However, during chat on Tuesday, one of my gals suggested we go that Thursday!

We don't do spontaneous.  Actually, we did once... when on a whim we flew to Vegas for a quick weekend trip that ended with me waking up in the middle of the night vomiting over the toilet without ANY clothes on (different story for a different day)...But long gone are those days because these two besties are now PREGGERS!!  Their due dates are just a couple days apart -- how crazy is that!?!

Anyway, I was shocked when we actually bought the tickets and no one flaked out at the last minute.  I drove straight from work and the two of them met up with each me in the city.  With only 30 minutes to spare before curtain call, we grabbed a quick bite at Chipotle (I know...SO many places to eat in SF, but we chose Chipotle!  Sorry, we needed something quick! Plus, Chipotle is delicious.)

We made it right on time!  We bought cheapest tickets we could find, but since it was a weeknight, there were a ton of empty seats and we were upgraded to a lower section! Score!!

I loved it!!!  The set was impressive and the actors were on point -- their voices did not disappoint at all! The actress playing Deena Jones was Syesha Mercado from American Idol Season 7, which I thought really exciting even though I don't think I watched that season. 

If you are in San Francisco between now and September 26, I would totally recommend you see it!

The picture below was taken right before I got yelled at by one of the ushers, "NO pictures!!!!".  Oops.

Me (left) and the two glowing preggers, let's call them High Maintenance-B (middle) and Bad Influence-F (right)