Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Foto: Blue Sox

Matthew plays softball on Thursday nights.  Here's his old team, "Blue Sox".  Boys in a uniform always make great eye candy. It's that darn Cheerleader Effect (HIMYM reference, anyone?!) -- though I have to argue that the hubs looks handsome with or without a large group... but I might be biased there :)

He didn't play this past season, but in a couple weeks, he will be joining a new co-ed league.  They don't have a name. And, no, I'm not playing.  Hahaha! As mentioned before, I suck at sports.  Seriously, I do.  I played badminton in high school... but I sucked. At badminton. Isn't that like the easiest sport to play*?  The surface area of the racket is so much larger than the birdie, it should be hard to swing and miss.  Not for me!  I was ranked next to last on the team, so I only competed with equally sucky players from other schools.  My winning percentage was decent, but I was still horrible.  I'm pretty sure I hit my doubles partner with my racket on more than one occasion... sorry, Tiff.

Anyway, there was one time Matthew and I went to the batting cages so he could warm up before a game.  I saw little kids practicing and they made it look really easy.  I had an extra few bucks, so I decided to try batting myself.  THIRTY pitches later (we're talking SLOW pitches for softball, not fast pitches)... I made contact with ZERO balls.  "You're not watching the ball!!" Matthew would yell say to me... but I really was!!! The bat just wasn't hitting it!

Whatever.  I'll just leave all the sports playing to my hubs.   

*No offense to professional badminton players out there.  I know a lot of skill and talent is involved in being good at the sport; the poke is meant to emphasize how uncoordinated I am at anything...