Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm a Bad Mama

Coming home after a very long (but fun!) day at my cousin's baby shower, I just wanted to snuggle with my two favorite bullies, H&M.

Harry was occupied with a toy on the opposite side of the room, so I only had Marv to pet and hug.

After about 5 minutes of petting him and telling him about the party (Marv's a good listener), he went to play with his brother.

I looked down at my hand and was shocked for weeks at what I saw (pardon my wrinkly and pudgy fingers):

iphone pic

It's been a while since we last bathed our puppies, but I didn't realize they had gotten that bad!

Oh, did I mention I spilled maple syrup all over Harry the other day, too?  Oops.

I did my best to clean him with a wet paper towel, but he wouldn't sit still and Marv kept licking him!  I thought it was all but, but even after a week you could still see a faint brown streak across the white parts of his fur.

I felt like such a bad mama!

Well, we promptly drew up baths for them because I'm sure they didn't like being covered in all that filth!

iphone pic

Much better :)