Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What I Did With Those Blueberries

Thank you for all of your suggestions on what I can do with 5 lbs of blueberries

I'm glad to report that we've eaten them all!

I checked out allrecipes.com and found some great and delicious looking recipes using blueberries, but.... I was too nervous to try any of them out.  I know. I suck... Plus, I was pressed for time and was scared to fail because then I would have to write about it and you all would truly see how seriously unskilled I am in the kitchen. 

So, I came up with 3 super-easy-absolutely-no-effort-involved ways to use those yummy berries for the party we hosted on Saturday for my brother's birthday.

1. Mixed green salad with glazed walnuts, feta cheese, blueberries, and a light raspberry vinaigrette! This salad was yummy and really flavorful. I probably had 5 servings of it throughout the day.

2. Blueberry Margaritas!! Genius, right?! Luckily, we have one of those Margaritaville machines, so I just put ice in the machine, threw all the ingredients into the pitcher and pressed that shiny blue button.  Perfectly blended margaritas in under a minute!  The drinks were fruity enough for the ladies, but also in a cool shade of deep blue/purple so the guys didn't feel too embarrassed to drink it. 

3. Frozen blueberries in a bowl! I couldn't think of any other ideas, so I just put a bunch of berries in bowls around the house.  People loved them since it was hot that day and the berries were refreshing. 

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the bowls, but I'm sure you get the idea. Source

I really did have big plans to do something that required more effort... but in the end, I'm glad to have found these simple ways to use the tiny blue fruit.