Monday, August 2, 2010

Golfing in our Backyard

I went for a quick walk around our neighborhood last night to meet the hubs, his brother and cousin at the 18th hole, which was just a few blocks from home.

This is only the second time the hubs has played golf here since we moved to the community almost 3 years ago, even though he played golf all throughout high school.  I don't play, as I have abysmal hand-eye coordination, and would probably hurt myself before I ever hit that tiny white ball into the air.

I don't really get the fascination with golf... It's so hard to see that darn ball in the air, and even with my new 20/15 vision, I couldn't tell whether the hubs made a good hit until 30 seconds later when someone would point out where the ball landed.

A few things I learned about the sport last night:

- No talking allowed.  WTH?! I learned that the hard way when the hubs gave me the evil eye while I was talking to his cousin at the same time the group before them was teeing off.  Oops.  I forgot how serious some people take this sport. 

- There's a lot of waiting.  As a courtesy, you have to wait for the group in front of you to finish hitting so your ball doesn't knock them in the head while they're playing.  That would suck.

- That's probably why they drink beer... to keep themselves busy while the slow pokes finish their turn.

- Driving the golf cart through the fairway is waaaaaay fun! It felt like I was on a roller coaster ride with all the hills and turns on the course.  I think this is probably the REAL reason men like to play golf.

Before last night, I thought maybe I would try to learn how to play (even though I know I would suck at it)... but after watching the guys play, I realized that I should leave golf as his own thing with his friends. 

Darn - I was ready to buy some cute golfing outfits, too... I wonder in what other context I can pull off patterns like this?