Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Foto: Glider Plane Ride

circa 2005

Here's an old school photo I found recently while trying to figure out what picture to post today.  One of my BFFs, Bon, and I went on an impromptu Napa weekend trip many summers ago.  Since turning 21, we never really took advantage of living 20 minutes from wine country until that weekend.

We hit up a few wineries and somehow came across a flyer for "Glider Plane Rides".   We had no idea what they were about, but it looked like fun so we jumped at the opportunity!

I'm no expert, but a glider plane is pretty much a tiny ass really small plane without an engine.  I have no idea why we thought floating in the air in a machine that did not have power would be a good idea... but I guess we were drunk on wine when we made our reservations.

Since the glider plane doesn't have an engine, it is launched into the sky using an aero-tow.  Basically, a "real" plane with an engine tows the glider up into the sky using a long rope, which is then released when you reach the appropriate altitude, leaving you floating in the air with a pilot who navigates the plane as it ascends to the ground. 

It was scary!!! First, do you see how tightly squeezed we are in the passenger seat?!  Bon is like 80 lbs and I was still surprised we even fit!  Secondly, our pilot thought it would be really fun to do some spins and dips after we were released by the aero-tow! Naturally, we were freaking out thinking we would plummet to our death doing all those crazy tricks without an engine!

Luckily, our pilot was very experienced and assured us we would be fine.  I was able to calm down and open my eyes to see the view from the air...  it was unbelievable! I would totally recommend it the next time you're in Napa.

Every time I look at that picture, I can't help but smile thinking about the fun memories from that weekend. 

I heart friends.