Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Biggest Little City in the World

my only iPhone picture from the weekend

This past Sunday, for America's birthday, the hubs and I travelled three hours North to visit the "biggest little city in the world".  Why?  Who knows.  I needed to get away for the weekend and with the limited vacation I have left for the year, we needed to go somewhere not too far.  Plus, we planned it pretty much at the last minute, so the only city with hotel vacancy during the holiday weekend was Reno.  At first I wish we had gone somewhere nicer... maybe someplace that didn't leave my clothes and hair smelling like a box of Marlboro (gross... I hate the smell of smoke), but we surprisingly had an AMAZING time and I wouldn't change anything if given the chance to do it over again.

The Great International Chicken Wing Society Cookoff was right outside our hotel that weekend so of course that was the first thing we hit up!  Yum yum yum! I heart chicken wings!  The streets were lined with dozens of booths selling samples of their delicious wings along with lots of other goodies.  Here is the photographic evidence of the fun:

[Crap! I lost our camera!!!! I'm so bummed... I think we might have left it on our hotel room. So sad.  We bought that camera on our honeymoon because our "waterproof camera" didn't like the water.  So, there are no pictures to show.  I suck, sorry.]

[imagine a picture of me sipping a HUGE cup of OLL (orange-ade, lemonade, and lime-ade concoction) with buffalo sauce all over my face]

[imagine a picture of matthew holding up a delicious buttery corn on the cob]

[imagine a picture of a huge line of booths with lots of people milling around]

There was also a super great live band that played my favorite mix of country and pop - I'm talking songs by Lady Antebellum, Alan Jackson, Lynyrd Skynyrd and even Katy Perry.  We stopped to check them out and encountered some fascinating people in the crowd:

[imagine a picture of women scantily dressed dancing very wildly on the sidelines]

[imagine a picture of sweaty, funny looking guys mouthing words to the song being played by the band in the background and dancing in front of the stage]

Later that night, we went to a nearby hotel for dinner and walked passed a seemingly inebriated man yelling at me... or so I thought he was.  I looked over and it turned out he was screaming at someone on the other end of his cell.   I don't think he was having a very good gambling day.  Did you know that Reno was ranked as the #2 Drunkest City in America?  Gambling will do that to ya.

The rest of the night was spent low stakes gambling, carnival game winning, and late night eating.  What's more patriotic than that?

Hope your 4th of July went well (and you didn't lose your camera like my dumbass did)!