Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Simple Joys: Snoodling

My first alarm goes off at 4:20 in the morning.  I hit the snooze button immediately.  After all, I don't really need to get up until 5:30.

The next alarm goes off at 5:30.... I'm still so tired and my eyes do not want to stay open.  I nudge the hubs to try to get him to wake up, so I can sleep while he gets ready first.  This fails. Every time.  (He says I have to get ready first because I take longer... fine, I guess that makes sense.)

"Is it OK if I get up in 3 minutes?" I ask the hubs.  There's really no reason for me to ask permission since I'm the one with the start time, while he can come in whenever he wants, but I feel less guilty about it when someone else gives me the green light. 

He says, "Yes", of course -- though the word 'yes' never comes out.  It's more often a grunt which I take to mean 'yes'.  After all, three minutes for me equals three additional minutes for him.  Win-win.

We almost always start off the evenings in a spooning position, but somewhere between "good night" and "oh-my-god-we're-so-late-get-up-now!", we drift to our separate sides of the bed.

However, during these last few moments of sleep, he opens his arms to fit me into his nook, which I've deemed to be my favorite place in the world.  We cuddle together until the 3 minute snooze alarm goes off, and I roll out of bed to begin the day.

Snooze + Cuddling = Snoodling* and it's the best feeling.

You feel like you're getting over on the world by getting to sleep in those extra few minutes, PLUS you get to share the experience with one you love the most.    It's my favorite part of the day and makes every morning a little more bearable...

source - the nook!

*Obviously "snoodling" is not a real word - it's just something I made up.  However, I did a quick google search and found some disturbing definitions for "snoodling" on  Urban Dictionary.  That is NOT what I'm talking about.