Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Mashup!

Every week, I will share a few links/pictures about food, shopping, celebrities, babies, parties, crafts, or random news, that I find noteworthy. It's a mashup of all things I love. Enjoy!


me with circle lenses on, looking a little cross-eyed.. yeah, I couldn't pull them off

Circle Lenses are super popular in many Asian countries. They are special contacts that make the iris of your eyes appear larger. Lady Gaga used them in her Bad Romance music video. However, they are apparently dangerous according to this article I found on I have to admit though, I bought a pair for myself last year to try them out. I knew it was kinda shady buying contacts without a prescription online, but Lady Gaga wore them, so I thought they must be safe. Anyway, I had LASIK/PR-K surgery not too long after buying the lens (a whole different story I'll write about later), so I promised myself never to put anything in my eyes that could potentially damage my new 20/15 vision. Plus, people thought I looked weird with them on... So, just passing along the news in case you have a pair!

This is a picture of the Apple store in Paris. Beautiful, right?! *le sigh*


These are banana bites and don't they look scrumptious!  Found the recipe here.


Check out the cute doggy giving his daddy a high-five when the baby wouldn't do it.


I kinda want this - might be cool to have the blueprint of the english bulldog on our wall... but I'm not sure if I would pay $185 for it or where the heck I would hang it...


Lastly, check out this inspiration board.  I love the green/orange combo and sleek elements!


Again, feel free to share any other cool finds of the week below!