Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lilac Baptism: The Reveal

This past Saturday was the day of the baptism I was prepping for all of last week.  I put off finishing the favors until Friday night and also had the centerpieces to work on, so I didn't get to go to bed until 3AM the morning of the party!  For some reason though, I had a lot of energy and didn't have too much trouble waking up 5 hours later to go to the venue to set up.  No coffee was required either!!  My lovely hubs helped me load/unload everything and was the best helper!  He has quite an eye for design and is very much a perfectionist (I'm more of a "ehh, that looks good enough" type of person -- it's the Libra in me), so he was a definite asset to me that morning. 

We finished setting up with plenty of time to get ready and head over to the baptism ceremony.  It was beautiful and Baby L is one of the cutest babies ever.  After the ceremony, we headed to the reception and had a great time with family.

Of course, as promised, here are some pictures of how everything turned out.  All photos were taken using our camera phones, since we still do not have a replacement for the point & shoot I lost in the beginning of this month.  (We were going to get a new one, but I decided I wanted the new iPhone 4 instead - the new cam will have to wait a little longer... maybe a D-SLR instead? That hint's for you, hubs)

I also included a breakdown of the cost for everything, in case you wanted to do something similar for your next party.


80 Favors = $43.18/80 = $.54 each
-8 bags of caramel corn from Target = $34.55
-2 packs of 40-count favor bags from Michaels = $8.64
-20 pieces of white cardstock paper + staples + ink = FREE (leftover from previous projects)

Pom Poms:

10 Pom Poms = $5.35/10 = $.54 each
-Jewelry wire and fishing wire = FREE (leftover from previous projects)
-5 packs of gift-wrapping tissue paper from Target and Dollar Story = $.99/each


Custom Name Banner = $7.23
-Cardstock from Michaels = $2.93
-Ribbon from Michaels = $3.22
-Design tape from Michaels = $1.07


10 Centerpieces = $140.57/10 = $14.57 per table
-9 bunches of flowers from Costco = $89.18
-10 sheets of cardstock = $6.85
-10 small bowls from Michaels = $12.72
-Floating candles: $14.80
-Design tape from Michaels = $1.07
-2 bags of decorative rocks from Michaels = $13.80
-Food coloring for water = $2.15
-Vases = FREE (had a ton of vases leftover from wedding)

And how can this post be complete without a picture of the guest of honor:

CIL J, Baby L (grabbing my hair), and me