Monday, July 19, 2010

I Have a Fear of Holes

I was inspired by Jen and LoaDW who recently wrote about their irrational fears to write a post of my own on the same subject.

For the most part, I don't scare easily.  This is probably attributed to my over-protective mom who did all the worrying for me and my brother while growing up.  Sometimes her fears were overkill (ummm... she used to follow me to school every morning -- I was a senior in high school and drove myself, but she insisted to drive behind me to ensure that I got there safely... talk about embarrassing). So I fought hard to prove her wrong -- that the world is not out to get me and every bad news story she hears on the radio will not necessarily happen to me. (My mom says I'll only understand her feelings when I become a mom... and I don't doubt that, since other moms I know tell me the same thing... but I'm not a mother yet, so for now, I'm sticking with my belief that she's a little crazy)

I don't mind being at home by myself (despite the weird creaking noises I hear that only seem to occur when I'm home alone). 

I like doing "thrilling" things that most people would avoid - bungee jumping, sky diving, performing on stage, etc.

I find scary movies fun to watch (though I can't tell you when the last time I saw a scary movie was because no one else I know seem to enjoy them).

However, I am scared of a few things that others probably won't be able to relate with... or maybe you can relate.  If so, please let me know, so I don't feel so bad about them.

Bees.  I understand that I am like a million times bigger than a bee and can kill it in an instant if it gets too close for comfort, but the moment I hear that buzzing, I scream and run around in circles as if I were 5-years-old again.  I have never been stung before and from what others have told me, getting stung doesn't hurt all that bad, but I don't ever want to know the feeling.  Bees in cartoon form are fine and I do love honey on cornbread, but those black and yellow winged creatures with their pointy bottoms give me the creeps. I try really hard to suppress my fears, especially if I'm at a work function and other colleague are around me, but I cannot help myself and run for safety if a bee flies by.  I've even seen that Dakota Fanning/Queen Latifah bee movie in hopes that I might gain a new appreciation for them and maybe learn to tolerate being around them, but couldn't handle it.  I even had to mute the portions that had excessive buzzing. 

Losing teeth.  I freak out every time I wake up from dreams where I end up losing teeth.  And it happens pretty often.  I don't know why, but I have dreams where one of my teeth becomes loose and in my dream I try really hard to keep it from falling out.  I try to pushing it back in, avoid my tongue getting near it, and once even tried to using glue to keep the tooth in.  Somehow though, the tooth always falls out and that's when I wake up.  Immediately, I check to see that all 28 teeth are still there, which has been the case so far, but I cannot rest easy for at least half an hour after a nightmare like that.  I brush my teeth everyday and floss often (though not as much as recommended), so I have no idea where these dreams come from.  I've looked up the dream definition online but couldn't find anything that made sense to me...

Holes.  Not just any hole.  I am scared of tiny holes in asymmetrical clusters (as pictured below).  I get all itchy and squirmy when I look at that picture... it's such an uncomfortable feeling.  Some of you may have seen an email thread about washing newly purchased bras before wearing and encountered a similar image to the one shown below on the bottom of the email (If you haven't seen it -- good!! Please do not google it.. trust me. It's disgusting).  That picture gave me nightmares for DAYS!!!  When Matthew wants to freak me out, he just need to mention that image and I get skeeved out and almost vomit. 

Great... why did I look at that picture?!  I feel so uneasy right now...

Do you have any irrational fears?