Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Don't Blink

December 2009

....You just might miss your babies growing like mine did! (Points if you know which song that line comes from)

I was browsing through the picture folders on my laptop last night and came across what has got to be my favorite picture of H&M.  It was taken just a couple of days after we took them home, while they were still learning and taking in their new environment.  It was so cute watching them as they got used to the feeling of cement underneath their paws, only to be shocked when they stepped off the pavement onto the newly put in lawn.  They maneuvered cautiously at first, sniffing everything in site, but soon felt comfortable enough to run around and chase each other.  It seemed to take them forever to get from one end of the turf to the other.  They were my tiny 8 lb babies.

7 months and 45 lbs later, H&M strut around the backyard like they're kings.  They like to sunbathe and chew on sprinkler heads.  They take "treasures" they find from the garage and hide them in different corners of the yard.  It only takes a few strides for them to reach the other side of the lawn. They're still my babies, but they're my BIG babies now. :)

July 2010 - After a long day of playing in the sun