Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Mashup!

Every week, I will share a few posts about food, shopping, celebrities, babies, parties, crafts, or random news, that I find noteworthy. It's a mashup of all things I love.

Random Finds:

Did you know that dogs cannot sweat*? You did?! You must be smart. I just found out this week when I came across these dandy Kool Collars. You just pop these babies in the freezer and voila - instant cooling collar. These collars are definitely useful for the hot summer days and are only $16/each, so I'll definitely be making a couple purchases for H&M.


Hahahahaha!! Now THAT is how I want to use the treadmill... On those rare occasions that I do use our running machine, H&M like to watch me pant and curse at my reflection in the mirror. Sometimes they try to join me and it is quite a funny site...

Isn't this such a great unintentionally funny picture?! Buzzfeed is my favorite source for laughs.

Watch this short video and you will never listen to "My Heart Will Go On" the same way again... Wait. Does anyone still listen to that song?! Didn't think so...



Isn't that wall decal just pretty!?! Matthew and I are still in the process of painting our walls, so I probably won't be getting one until we finish. He's not a huge fan of them, but I am (and that's all that matters, right?). I put up a "Happy Holidays" decal in our living room last winter and was afraid it wouldn't come off very easily, but it did! I felt like that particular decal was a waste of $$ since I had to take it down after a few months, so the next time I get a decal, it will definitely be something more permanent, like the one above. It would be cool if I could find a company that would allow me to upload my own design... let me know if you know of any!


Etsy is awesome. I am totally swooning over that pillow.



Lastly, here's a beautiful inspiration board from Tiny Prints! If I were throwing a 4th of July party this year, I would definitely incorporate a lot of those cute ideas! Aren't those parfait thingies to die for?!

Feel free to share any other cool finds of the week below!

*Apparently, dogs DO have sweat glands. They have two types. The first kind of glands are located on their foot pads which function to help cool the animal (but not by much - panting is how they primarily cool down). The other type of glands are located on the rest of their body and their purpose is to release pheromones.