Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Wet Bandits

Have you ever seen the movie Home Alone? If you answered "no", open a new browser window, sign up for a Netflix account, and rent it now. It's the best. The movie made Macaulay Culkin every 10-year-old boy's super hero. I'm sure parents around the world came home to booby traps planted around the house for months after that movie came out. I know Matthew's parents did. He was the king of pranks (just ask his siblings) and still is to this day!

Home Alone is played every year on Christmas at our family gatherings. Matthew can quote practically every line from that movie. I can't because I'm horrible at being funny, even if I'm saying someone else's lines.

Anyway, the villains in the movie are named Harry and Marv. Sound familiar? Yup! Our little bulldogs are named after the "Wet Bandits".

Harry, played by Joe Pesci in the movies, is the shorter and more stout of the two. He is also the boss and dictates what the duo will do next.

Marv, played by Daniel Stern, is the taller and more goofy one. He just does whatever Harry tells him to do.

I don't think their personalities match 100%, but I do think they resemble their namesake pretty well... What do you think?