Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beautiful Forest Hill Wedding

This past weekend, Matthew and I traveled 100 miles North of our home to Forest Hill, CA to attend our good friends' wedding. Mike - the groom - went to college with Matthew and shared many wild, goofy, and fun memories together throughout those four years. In that time, Mike met and fell in love with Anna - the bride - and she fit along well and very easily with the guys. Mike and Anna are super cute together - always laughing and never a dull moment. Their wedding was perfect and had so many cute personal touches (I need a Cricut and I need it now!). The love was felt throughout the whole weekend and I am so glad to have been there to witness two friends profess their love for each other.

Husband and Wife

Matthew was a groomsmen and quite a dapper one, if I may so myself.

Matthew is third from the Right

Did I mention that Mike and Anna are parents to two adorable French Bulldogs named Daisy and Dillon who were also in the wedding as their flowergirl and ring bearer?!?! Anna made both of their outfits - so cute!

While Matthew was off doing groomsmen stuff, I hung out with other +1s. Jen, Andrea and Amanda were all really sweet and we had some good times that weekend.

(L to R) Jen, Me, Andrea & Amanda

The venue was gorgeous and I couldn't resist taking pictures of all the details:

The ceremony area (sorry for the bad lighting) but thank goodness for all that shade! It was 95 degrees that day!

Close-up of the flowers on the canopy

Unity candle

Guestbook table

Program Fans! I showed Anna the link with instructions on how to make those silhouettes (*toot toot*), and didn't they turn out great?!

Cake Table

For place cards, they used postcards from the area the guests were from, with our names and table numbers on the back.

Anna made these napkin rings herself! Also, I loved the gold chargers!

Oh wait, how'd this picture sneak in here?

We capped off the evening with one final round of In & Out Burger. The restaurant is connected to the hotel we were all staying at, so we literally had In & Out three times that weekend (hence the reason I am wearing stretchy pants today!). If you're not from California, you may not be familiar with these mouth-watering, party-in-your-mouth, burgers -- but trust me when I tell you that they are everything you hear about and more. Most people I know don't think they're the BEST burgers in the world, but I would definitely put In & Out in my Top 3.

The bride and groom enjoying their first burger together as a married couple

It was a beautiful weekend with beautiful people. Congratulations, Mike and Anna!