Thursday, June 17, 2010

Date Night

As you might remember, last week was one of those weeks where I did not have time to do anything I needed to get done. Thankfully, life has slowed down just a little, and I've been able to slowly check off my tasks.

Last Friday, I wanted to have a nice, romantic evening with the hubs. I was thinking dinner at a fancy-ish restaurant and perhaps a movie and ice cream afterwards. We drive through San Francisco everyday, so it's not uncommon for us to just stop there for a little when we don't want to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic or when we're just in the mood to enjoy the sites of one of biggest tourism capitals in the world.

Things didn't really go as planned.

We were leaving for Forest Hill early Saturday morning and I had NOTHING to wear to the wedding or the rehearsal dinner, PLUS Matthew was in dire need of a haircut.

Please believe me when I tell you that I really had nothing to wear. It was an outdoor, daytime wedding, and all the dresses I had in my closet where either too casual for a wedding, too formal for a day event or in the color white! I know some brides are cool with other people wearing white on their day, but I sure wasn't -- and I didn't want to risk getting any backlash for it. Also, I'd like to note that prior to the last couple of weeks, I had not gone shopping for myself in a very long time. So, I thought I was due a few hours of indulgence.

Anyway, traffic was ridiculous Friday evening, but I did not want to spend $30 on parking in San Francisco only to spend more money shopping for clothes (for some reason I can justify parking fees for food or attractions but not personal shopping), so instead we went to Walnut Creek. Matthew dropped me off so I can shop, while he got his ears lowered.

It was already 6:45 by the time I went into the first store - BCBC Max Azria. Lots of beautiful dresses, but none that fit the bill for the event. I did, however, come across a dress I wish I'd seen last year around this time:

**Swooooon** It's white, so I knew I couldn't wear it to the wedding, but how awesome would this dress have been for OUR rehearsal dinner last year?! For some reason, it was very difficult to find cute white dresses around this time in 2009, but there were lots of ivory options. I ended up going with the dress below (don't judge my cross-eyed, weird face -- the backstory to the picture is pretty funny but most likely inappropriate to share here). I had to get that dress TWICE because I had my seamstress hem it waaaaay too short the first time (it looked like a shirt!). Anyway, we got the length right the second time around and overall I was happy with it.

photo by ccchristineeee

Back to the story, I ended up finding a dress for the wedding ON SALE at Macy's (score!) and already had shoes and accessories to match at home (double score!).

Matthew picked me up after he got his haircut and we went to have dinner at a non-fancy restaurant, but I had never been there before, so it was still fun. We shared lots of laughs reminiscing about our wedding and talking about what we looked forward to that weekend.

We got home at around 10PM*, but still needed to do some laundry (can't go on a trip without clean undies!) and pack! We were feeling a little goofy that night, so we also practiced some of the dance moves we'd show everyone at the wedding and didn't get to the laundry until a little later.

Sleep didn't commence until 2 in the morning but boy did we sleep hard that night!

Though it wasn't the Friday I was looking forward to, I had a really fun night with the hubs. Sometimes it's the unplanned moments that truly are the ones you treasure most.

Ed note: I came across this pic of America Ferrera at some film premiere and am loving the dress by Alicia & Olivia. Looks similar to the BCBG dress, but I love even it more since it's black! She is so cute!

*Note: Don't worry, we didn't leave our puppies at home by themselves without dinner like bad parents... SIL M picked them up earlier that day to stay at her house, so they were having lots of fun visiting with their aunts and grandparents


Life with Kaishon said...

This is the most fun blog ever! I love it : ) Can't click away!

Faren said...

did the backstory have anything to do with..."you know what, aub, since you're my bff, i'm going commando with you!"

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