Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Simple Joys: Rearranging Furniture

Sometimes, it's the simple things that put a smile on your face and give you that extra kick in your step.

The other day when we cleaned our master bedroom, we did a little furniture rearranging, too!

It was a very easy and seemingly minor change - we moved our bed from one side of the room to the other.

No biggie, right?

Well, that's what I thought, too... but for some reason, I was really excited to go to bed that night. I love sleep and always looked forward to getting some shut eye, but I felt inexplicably extra giddy jumping into bed. It kind of felt like I was on vacation and had something super exciting to look forward to the next day (I didn't - I just had work).

I got up waaay earlier than usual the following morning - I only had to snooze my alarm clock ONCE. Matthew didn't have to push me off the bed to get me up. I felt great and the thought of having to commute 62 miles to get to work didn't give me the feeling of dread it usually does on a Monday morning.

Our private space felt brand new but at the same time familiar. It was nice.

Who knew simple things like moving your bed could make your day that much brighter?


On a separate note, this week's theme on the iheartfaces photo challenge is "pets". Unfortunately, I do not currently (this is a hint for the hubs) have a fancy camera, so my picture was taken using my iPhone. I didn't put much thought in taking the picture, so the lighting is awful and the composition is whack. I'm 100% positive I won't win, but I just had to post a picture of the cutest bulldog brothers in the world :)