Friday, June 11, 2010

Lovely Lilac Inspiration Board

I love all things pretty. I spend hours staring at beautiful wedding/birthday/shower pictures and envy the creativity and craftiness of all you amazing people out there.

I daydream of throwing my own parties with the same meticulous attention to detail, and from time to time, friends and family throw me a bone ask me to help them decorate a party. I have SO much fun scouring the interwebs trying to find beautiful inspiration and DIY ideas. There is SOOO much you can do and I am in awe with all the amazing creations people come up. Really - you guys are super cool.

Besides my own wedding, I've helped out two of my BFFs on different design elements for their wedding. More recently, I was Chief Decorator (self-given title - hehe) of my SIL M2's high school graduation. Her school colors were orange and black, so I was given the fun task of coming up with cute centerpieces and favors. (I'll post tutorials and pictures of what I came up with later). Overall, my ideas went over very well and I was commissioned to help decorate another event: CIL's baptism!

CIL J gave me the only requirement of using Lilac, Silver and White as the main color scheme. I have free reign to design the invitations, favors, and centerpiece ideas.

I love inspiration boards. They help me envision the larger picture and they are just so darn pretty to look at.

I've been on several party blogs and have been googling images all week. I think I came up with an inspiration board that looks pretty good and hope that CIL J likes it too! Since it's just an "inspiration" board we won't be incorporating everything below, but I hope to accomplish the same feel. I included the invitation design we are going with in the upper right-hand corner of the board, but replaced CIL J's baby with a stock image. CIL J's baby is such a cutie pie though! I hope to show you pictures once the event is over.

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I think I have the decorating elements decided, but I still don't know what to do for favors? Do you have any ideas or suggestions for me?

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whatnerissaying said...

You do throw parties with meticulous attention to detail!

As for favors...I'm a fan of anything consumable or your shot glasses! Although, obviously shot glasses would be wrong for a baptism ;) Maybe seed packets would be cute. You could do packets of lavender to go with the color scheme.

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