Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top 3 Ways Our Bathtub is Used


I wished we used our bathtub to bathe. It is pretty, nicely decorated with candles and frames, and has a nice view of the hills... but we don't. I think I've only bathed in it once since we've bought our house... that was almost 3 years ago. Instead, we use our shower since it's more convenient and a lot quicker to get in and out of during our morning routine rush.

One day, we will use the tub the way it's meant to be used, but for now, here is a list of how our beloved tub is being utilized:

snippet of our master bathroom floor plan

1. Extended Hamper: I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but our tub is used as a hamper more than anything else. Currently, there is a GINORMOUS pile of dirty clothes in it, waiting to be washed. We try to do laundry everyday, but somehow, life happens and days go by before we put another load into our washer. I probably have clothes that I haven't seen since winter in there. No, really... it's sad, but true. The good thing is, we have a solid plan on how to conquer the giant monster tub of clothes, and I can see an improvement already. Yay, us!

2. Chair/Stool: I like to be seated when I put on my make-up or fix my hair, but we don't have a chair in the bathroom. The tub has turned out to be the perfect solution. It's nicely situated in front of the mirror over the double sinks, so I can finish getting ready without any difficulty. Also, because of the stack of clothes in the tub, it is super easy to stand on the pile and use it as a stool if I need to cut Matthew's hair (rarely do I do this, but sometimes I help buzz his head).

3. Dining Table:

Ha, just kidding... though that pasta does look pretty delicious.

I can't think of another way we use our tub and a list isn't a real list with only 2 entries.... so I decided to throw that picture in.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is, our tub is not being used and I am not happy about that. Especially since it is now officially summer, I would love to draw myself a nice cool bath with fun summery scented bath salts and stew in it all day.

Matthew's not big into baths, but maybe I can convince him by getting a fun, manly, toy ship he can play with (Friends reference, anyone?).

I'll keep you posted on the progress of our tub... Maybe I'll even be able to show you some before and after pictures soon :)


chocoholic said...

Great post! Stopped by from Monday Mingle.

Mei said...

I don't think I want my pasta contaminated with girl. Ewww.

Annah said...

Now you ruined my lunch. Just had spaghetti. lol

Carrie said...

Baths always make me sad because they seem to get cold too fast. :( I've only taken one bath in the last 3 years.

Which also reminds me, my dorm in college was really old. Think Harry Potter style dorm. And each bathroom had the standard toilets/sinks/shower stalls and at the end of the room was another little room with an old clawfoot tub. It looks straight out of a horror film and I avoided it like the plague. The door also had a lock. I can't imagine what went on in there, but I never saw the door closed.

peppers said...

Haha. I have a tub too but I also use the shower instead. I have actually NEVER used our tub except to bathe the dogs in. For some reason, tubs gross me out. I just feel like I'm sitting in germs and grossness! I guess if I bleached it out first or something it would be okay. But you're tub sounds more luxurious... with the candles and hills-view, I'd totally start using it if I were you. Fill it up with bubbles and have a romantic bath with your dude. ;)

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