Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Words with Friends

Do you have an iPhone, iTouch, or iPad? If so... do you play WWF?!?!

If not... you are totally missing out!

Words with Friends is basically Scrabble and totally addicting. I started playing last year with friends and coworkers and the game immediately consumed all of my free time. Probably too much of my time, because I had to quit playing after a couple months because I was neglecting all the other duties I have (i.e. cleaning the house, shaving my legs, talking to my husband, etc).

Anyway, I recently got back on and I'm seriously on FI-YAH!!! Undefeated in my last 20 games. I have only lost to my cousin (she beat me three times!! I can't seem to beat her) and ONCE to a friend (4-1 - she stopped playing me after she won).

No one I know wants to play me anymore. *sad face*

I dare you to challenge me... I need someone else to play with.

my username: aubrey0808

and hopefully to psyche you out, here's one of my best boards: