Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Got the Fever



Baby Fever.

I mentioned in my first post that I love to read motherhood blogs even though we don't have a baby. I just love looking at cute faces with miniature clothing -- how could you not like reading mommy blogs?! It never bothered me one bit that Matthew and I don't have a mini version of ourselves just yet. We have a plan and are planning on sticking to it. We've always had a plan.

You see, it started like this:

Matthew and I started dating our senior year of high school. We were (and still are) madly in love, but we were just kids. During the first few months, we fantasized about what our future would be like and we even discussed marriage. But that was all it was - talk. We were both going to separate colleges (albeit only 30 minutes apart), and did not want to worry about planning a huge party without the financial stability we would have after graduating and obtaining a steady job. Within the first couple years of dating, we decided 2009 would be our year - July 11, 2009 to be exact. July 11, 2009 would have been our 8 year anniversary and it fell on a Saturday, so we thought it would be perfect. We would have been 4 years out of college and hopefully established enough in our careers that we could focus the time and energy into planning a wedding.

circa 2002

Unfortunately, things didn't exactly go according to plan.

We both graduated college in 2005 and started working at companies we love. Everything looked good so far.

Fast forward to 2008 when Matthew proposed to me and we started looking at wedding venues. We fell in luuuuurve with Ruby Hill Golf Club and decided that was the place we were going to give our vows:

Me: We love this place and would like to put in our deposit stat! July 11th is available, right?

Ruby Hill Coordinator: Hmm... let's see here.... July 11th?... oh, sorry, honey. That date is already booked.

[record screeches to a stop]

Needless to say, I was irrationally upset that our date wasn't available. I did not like the fact that I would need to remember two different anniversary dates (see - irrational). I got over it eventually, and we picked out a date in August. The wedding was perfect and all was well. It actually turned out to be a blessing that we couldn't get our original date, because now we have TWO dates to celebrate, meaning TWO presents and TWO fancy dinners :-D

Anyway, during our engagement, we talked about our future family and when we would start producing our own little clan. Even though we had been practically living together for months before the wedding, we wanted to have a couple years of time to ourselves to adjust to married life.* In the end, we decided to start trying to conceive in 2011. We'd have 3-4 children, 2 years apart, so we would be done reproducing by 2018 and both be 35 years old. That seemed to be the ideal plan for us.

Then, all of a sudden, it hit me. Baby fever. And not just a slight temperature, but FULL-ON fee-vah! I want a baby in my womb and I want one NOW. Yup. That's how I feel.

I told Matthew and he was surprisingly supportive of my feelings. He said he had been thinking about it, too. Whhaaa?!!? My man has the fever, too? Impossible.

So.... we are changing our plans. We will probably start trying at the end of this year and hope to have our first little munchkin by the end of 2011.

And of course, I started thinking about ideas for the nursery and began searching online baby stores for cute outfits (oh em gee - there are sooo many cute things!!). For future reference, I'm a little crazy and tend to get obsessed about things.

Well, I had a brilliant idea and came up with a design for a onesie I'm going to make for the baby should we have one in the future.

Cute, right?! "Lola" means 'grandma' in Tagalog and I am going to make one for my mom and a "Lolo" one for my dad. Of course, I would make "grandma" and "grandpa" ones for the in-laws.

So, for now... this onesie design will stay stashed in my computer, only to be printed when the time is right...

What's that? No, of course I didn't already purchase the onesies and iron them on yet....

Well.... so what if I did?! Don't make fun of me... I already told you I'm a little crazy....

Did you and your significant other have a plan? Did you divert from your plan, too?

*From the articles I read, people made it seem like getting married and moving in together would be such a huge adjustment, and perhaps for some people, co-habitation is a huge change. Luckily for us, it was easy and our lives didn't change too much. I think the only difference nowadays, is that I don't clean up after myself as much as I used to (haha! I tricked you, Matthew! You thought I was a neat freak!!!).