Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Cast of My Life

Meet Matthew. He's my handsome hubby of 10 months and my partner in crime for the past 9 years. Though you probably wouldn't guess it from this picture, he is super funny. As in, I can be so throbbingly angry at him for something, but as soon as he throws out one of his witty one-liners, he'll have me rolling on the floor laughing in seconds. It's pretty irritating actually. Funny aside, he's also hecka smart and the most logical thinking person I know. He'll never overreact about something -- unless it's regarding his collection obsession of the month. He's an avid collector (I really don't get it), and has collected everything from stamps to comics to mini football helmets. He's truly my better half and I would not be a fraction of happy as I am now without him.

This is Marv. He's one of our English Bulldogs. He likes to chew on sticks and ruin his mommy's newly purchased shoes (he doesn't care about the old worn out ones). Marv likes to cuddle and lick you if you have lotion on. He's cute and likes to sneak upstairs when we're not watching, then leaves his mommy and daddy a little surprise on the clothes they left on the ground. I love him.

This is Harry. He and Marv are littermates, and Harry likes to run the show. He doesn't sleep as much as his brother, but he certainly eats more! Harry enjoys treats and watching the Dog Whisperer on tv. He had to have his tail amputated recently (more on that later), but he is such a trooper and never complained once! Though he doesn't like to cuddle, he likes to lick your face and sit by your feet. He's precious.

Then there's me. I like to sing loudly, especially the high notes I only sometimes can hit. I like to watch mindless tv while eating baked lays (so I can pretend I'm being healthy). I tell people I'm a "runner", when really I just run as needed -- you know, when my jeans don't fit (which, by the way, is now, but I really don't want to get on the treadmill again). I love looking at beautiful wedding blogs even though my wedding was 10 months ago and reading motherhood blogs even though we don't have a baby. I like to design things but only have Photoshop 7.0 (I know.. old school). I want to learn how to cook but never have the ingredients I need to make anything good. I love my family and friends and hope to make new friends on this new platform.