Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Mashup!

If you could see all the blogs I subscribe to on my Google Reader, you would probably think I was crazy. I have blog feeds ranging from funny animal pictures ( to news about the latest in speech therapy (there was a time in my life when I wanted to be a speech therapist... still kinda do). I always have 1000+ unread items (which tends to stress me out) but I can't bear to unsubscribe to any of them.

Anyway, when I come across any posts that I find amusing/cool/weird/awesome, I usually email them to Matthew... but I thought, hey, maybe I should post some of my finds here.

Introducing: Thursday Mashup!

Every week, I will share a few posts about food, shopping, celebrities, babies, parties, crafts, or random news, that I find noteworthy. It's a mashup of all things I love.


This grilled banana sandwich looks absolutely mouth watering! Caitlin, from Healthy Tipping Point, always has great recipes to share. Seeing her posts definitely inspire me to be healthier (I'm eating a salad as we speak - go me!). She shows you how you can be healthy but still eat delicious food!



I know it's summer, but check out this cute umbrella necklace from Etsy seller pear22! I likey! I usually hate it when it rains (rain = bad traffic and wet toes), but the one silver lining when it pours is the opportunity to bring out cute umbrellas! With this umbrella, however, you can use it rain or shine!


Well, my favorite celebrity gossip, Perez Hilton, usually breaks the news first, but I heard this one last week! My hubs loves Kim Kardashian (yeah, I don't get it either - she's hideous right? just kidding. She's absolutely gorg!) and was happy when she broke up with Reggie Bush. Rumor has it she has a new athlete beau - Miles Austin from the Dallas Cowboys. He's cute... but I think I like Reggie better. Either way, wonder if Miles will be making a cameo on the upcoming season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (one of my many TV guilty pleasures)??


Ummmm... I think my head exploded when I saw this uber cute nautical themed baby shower on The Celebration Shoppe. I love everything from the red and blue color palette to the mini banner decorating the cupcake stand! It really is the little details that can turn a party into a real celebration.

Random News:


Has anyone ever heard of or participated in baby races?! I have never heard such of a thing until a few days ago... but what the heck?! I mean, it is pretty darn cute to see babies crawling... but I didn't think anyone would turn it into a competition! Here's a video of adorable babies from Russia racing:

That's all for this week... do you have any cool posts you want to share? I'd love to learn about new blogs!