Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Monday - H&M Moment

Harry and Marv love watching Dog Whisperer.

When they are being overly playful or loud and we want them to calm down just for a few minutes we can do one of two things:

- Give them a rawhide bone... This will keep them busy for at least 30 minutes
- Turn on the Dog Whisperer.

One time, Matthew teasingly went up to the TV and pretended to pet the dog on the screen. H&M were jealous of the attention they weren't getting from their papa, so they ran up to the TV to barked at the dog - hahahhaaha! It was too cute. Too bad I didn't get footage of that...

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Sara said...

Love it!! My cat loves watching TV. The dog, not so much. But she does watch the cat watch TV! It's hilarious.

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